I like things. I guess. a lot of things. I also make vlogs, it'd be cool if you checked them out.

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There are three Fs in my life:

  • Food
  • Feminism
  • Fucking up and embarrassing myself
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I need a drink, but refuse to drink alone… past experiences have taught me that it’s a bad plan

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Banking is confusing. 

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kids: hey dad where are we going for our next vacation
me: well lets see kids
me: *throws dart at map of the world*
me: hm
me: another trip to the middle of the pacific ocean
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she wears short skirts

I am groot 

she’s cheer captain and 

I am groot

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#firefly #blood 
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my dick is itchy I think i have herpes



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how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn

How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?

Musicians make a lot of money from touring

when’s the last time you went to a live porn concert

yesterday with ur mom

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