I like things. I guess. a lot of things. I also make vlogs, it'd be cool if you checked them out.

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great outfit = great day

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Ok all of my flat are actually lovely. It’s three girls, a Korean student and me. The three girls are all lovely (one of them reminds me of somebody from my school sooo much). The Korean student is called Park which is actually his surname but nobody can pronounce his first name so he’s Park, he’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life he’s so polite and his English is great, and somehow he’s 25 but could pass for 16 it’s so cute and like he asked us whether he could pour himself a glass of water in his own flat it was adorbs.

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New video

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What do you mean I shouldn’t spend my last day in london making a youtube video and I should spend it packing?? That’s a silly idea

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Imagine how is touch the sky

return here, please carts, i’m begging you

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sometimes i think about how portal was a game with no male characters, featuring a WOC protagonist and an excellent female antagonist who were both anything but sexualised, and yet somehow still managed to create an interesting and engaging experience for female and male gamers alike, win awards, and get a sequel, and then i look at people who say “games with female protagonists don’t sell” and i laugh. for a very long time.

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Anonymous Asked:
are you gay?

I just see people, if they’re hot I’m like

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‘Pool Party

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Apparently I need to study a module outside my main discipline. Oh dear god how do i choose?